One of the unending travel that people want to go through is the pilgrimage so they could be able to have the experience of being revived spiritually. Many people now find traveling as a fulfilling experience. That is because traveling can be able to let you have a broader understanding of things. It helps you grow also in many aspects that is why it is recommended. There are different types of travel and one of them is the pilgrimage. There are millions of people that want to know the places where the spiritual connection is present.

There is the thirst for people to be able to feel the connection of the spirituality. That is because we do not really know what would happen after death. We experience many sad things and challenges while we live on this earth. It could be a heavy burden that we also want to find the way to be released from the burdens. One way that people find fulfilling and effective is to have the pilgrimage.

It is also connected with the cultural travel that many people take. While going to places you can be able to understand something and that would open your eyes to a new world of hope and confidence to live. Millions of travelers are welcomed by the places who offer the cultural destination. That is why with this data, the project also aims to tap that market and make the places be progressive in different aspect preserving still the environment and history with it.