The route going to the place where the place the apostle body was buried is one that can be able to be passed by millions of travelers. With that, there need to be a way to manage it so that it ould remain as a place that would not be wasted but place that is preserve and will fulfill its mission to welcome those who pass by with the service they can provide and a good and comfortable environment where they can take their journey continuously not forgetting why they are passing at the place.
The Via Francigena is an important route to the goal of the project that is aimed to be improved and so culture education is also promoted and the local and international parties would be involved for it to be maintained and not exploited. Because of the Archbishop of Canterbury who passed through this route when he has the mission to meet Pope John XV, the way was opened and the important places of pilgrimage are lighted.
The routes and itineraries are being rediscovered so that it could be included in the routes. With this important history happening in the place so it would be one that people would be interested in search and pass through. The economic activity is also aimed to be improved.  With the help of the local and with partnering with the international level then the only focus would be able to be diversified for a growth and good development.