The project was started with the goal to be able to make Europe be projected as one in terms of culture. Europe is a wide continent and it has many countries. There is much effort to make it as one unified with their own identity. The effort has been made then so that the crossroad that is now popularly taken to be able to get to see the different places related to the places of interest for the pilgrimage would be managed.

It has the mission to show the culture of one Europe to all who visit and pass through it. That is why the goal is to make an itinerary that includes all the places that are recommended to be visited that has a historical or religious or cultural history or is related to it. The quality of the services provided is one that is focusing on to be of good standard. The other needs that are not yet supplied are seen to be fixed so that the area could be known to be good.

The effort is also being made so that the international places of interest could be linked to the local ones. One of the main goals is that to develop the local area of the tourism and pilgrimage places. It helps the community and will also provide the needs of travelers. It is not just the services but also other products. The goal also is to help the local products be marketed to a wider audience of potential customers.